No One Goes Solo Programs


WINGS is an acronym for "With Inspiration No-one Goes Solo."

Our exclusive No-one Goes Solo programs address the loneliness, anxiety and fear of a breast cancer diagnosis. We are actively involved in our community, volunteer driven and do not discriminate.

We provide different levels of emotional support to patients from a new diagnosis, through surgery, through chemotherapy and/or radiation, or those ending treatment.

We provide financial assistance based on where the person is in their unique cancer journey.

We offer uplifting and encouragement to the patient. Those include care packages, a personal phone call, food, prosthetics and other financial assistance, the founders book, Thrive in 5 in Five.

We offer local annual scholarships to families touched by the disease.

We distribute complementary Eduational kits to schools; providing resources to teach and counsel students.

We support Wood Hudson Cancer Research Laboratory in their efforts to find a cure for breast and ovarian cancer.

Founder, Janet Chambers, speaks on various topics to diverse audiences publically and to private companies.

We are honored to attend local health fairs to educate and inform the public.

Education & Speaker Opportunities

Thrive in 5 - n - Five Book

Are you facing some challenges in your life that caused you to change your path? Need some inspiration? Janet Chambers' book Thrive in 5 -n- Five may be just what you're looking for. Find out the secret to re-grouping in the face of life's unexpected trials. Take our five week challenge and you'll find some inspiring messages, stories and unexpected humor.

If you are a breast cancer patient going through treatment, request your complementary copy by filling out the assistance request form.

If you are not a patient, just send in a $10 donation with your name, address and request to:

I Have Wings Book
P.O Box 18502
Erlanger, KY 41018

Endorse Breast Cancer Research

Fighting cancer is stressful for the entire family. We understand how individual needs and circumstances change change during the time. Based on that, our "No One Goes Solo" program provides individual emotional support and emergency financial assistance on a one on one basis. For more information, click on the request assistance link.

Wings Scholarship Fund

I Have Wings donates over $5,000.00 a year to local students to continue their education.

Please contact Janet Chambers at for more information.