Our Mission

Our Mission

A national 501c3 charitable organization dedicated to educating and enriching lives emotionally and financially during a breast cancer journey.

No-One Goes Solo Program

Fighting cancer is stressful for the entire family. I Have Wings understands how individual needs and circumstances can change during this time. Based on that, our “No One Goes Solo” program provides individual emotional support and emergency financial assistance on a one on one basis. For more information click on the request assistance link.

Education and Speaker Opportunities

We are available to speak to women’s groups, youth groups, and senior groups.  Our presentations are up to date, varied, and age appropriate. If you or your company or school would like to schedule a presentation, please drop us a line through the contact link on the website.

Endorse Breast Cancer Research

Like you, IHW would like to eradicate breast cancer once and for all. That’s why we support the efforts of Wood Hudson Cancer Research Laboratory (WH), Newport, KY. Our donation helps them study the cause, effect and treatment of breast cancer. For more information about Wood Hudson, go to www.woodhudson.org.