Wings Award Winner 2016

Stephanie Murray is the 2016 Wings Award Winner

Stephanie was diagnosed in October 2008 with Stage 2, Invasive Ductal Carcinoma; she found that she had Her2 and ER PR+tumors. She had a double mastectomy, reconstruction and chemo followed. At this time, she had a daughter that was a freshman in college, a 6 year old daughter in 1st grade and an 18 month old son at the time of the diagnosis.

After recovery, she was chairman for the ACS Relay for Life Team, in Franklin county for 3 years. After six's years of being cancer free, and being discharged from treatment, they found a lump by accident at the edge of her scar site. This is very rare. Records show that this happens in less than 1% of women with Breast Cancer who had mastectomies. Now she was facing Triple Negative breast cancer. She had a lumpectomy followed by chemo and a radiation.She then faced yet another surgery as her right implant calcified and ruptured.

While undergoing chemo, she received a spiritual message that she needed to refocus her energy from "finding the cure" to 'helping her community cope with cancer now’. She found out that it was very hard to find financial help in a small county where she lives.

By the time her radiation was finished, Stephanie and a friend founded a small non-profit organization to benefit residents of Franklin County."FC CAN" stands for Franklin County Cancer Assistance NOW. They support families facing any kind of cancer by connecting them with local resources, providing information regarding financial assistance, prescription assistance and meeting daily needs. They also assist in finding support groups and transportation.

In spite of all of her challenges, Stephanie continues to overcome all obstacles that come her way with a positive attitude.

Primary Charity of the 2016 Cincinnati Beer Run

Not-so-traditional run starting in Newport, KY, going through Cincinnati and ending back in Newport with an amazing after-party at Newport Oktoberfest. This run isn't about who's the fastest. This is simply about having fun, acting like your crazy self, and oh having a few beers along the course. Every half mile you'll be treated to a specialty craft-beer sampling.

Once you've made it through the 2.5 mile course, we'll welcome you at Oktoberfest on Riverboat Row with your choice of a 16oz beer. We'll continue the party with music, food, and plenty of drink all while benefiting I Have Wings Breast Cancer Foundation. Read more and register here.

Janet Performs on-stage at Historic Bluebird Café

Along with 9 inspirational survivors, Janet Chambers had the privilege to stand on the same stage where Garth Brooks and Taylor Swift were discovered! The Bluebird Café stage in Nashville, TN. All of the survivors chosen performed to two sell out crowds their "sometimes amusing", "sometimes moving", but "always inspirational" stories from their own 2nd Act.