Wings Award Winner 2014

Rosalyn Mathie

Rosalyn is an amazing woman. Not only a wife, mother, sister, grandmother, friend, but also a caregiver, nurse, teacher and fighter. Her nursing role is in medical surgery. She cares for women recovering from breast surgery and has just been diagnosed with breast cancer herself.

She has 2 separate primaries. Her diagnosis came as a shock as she was caring for her daughter at age 32 who was also diagnosed. Ros and her daughter battled through fatigue, nausea, pain, and worry together. She never gave up, embracing each step. She partnered with local high schools sending the message to take care of your body and raising awareness. She is back to work full time teaching young nurses not only how to "be a good nurse" but to be thoughtful , caring, and an aware nurse for all patients. Everyday, Ros touches the lives of women and men offering peace of mind and strength.

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