Wings Award Winner 2015

Pat Siry is the 2015 Wings Award Winner

What year was nominee diagnosed with breast cancer?



How has the nominee exemplified courage and determination through their cancer journey?

Pat was diagnosed with two kinds of breast cancer in October 2008. One of the cancers was a rare form and her doctor told her she probably had five years. Pat hoped for five "good" years. She was determined to live every day to the fullest. She never whined and asked "why me". She has a very positive outlook and continues to be a kind, generous and giving person.

How has the nominee lifted up others contrary to their own diagnosis?

Pat has done so many wonderful things for many. I will try to list as many as I can or know about. Pat is extremely involved with her church in Newport, Ky. She has filled the food pantry by herself for years. She supplies many of the poor families with clothing, glasses and help with utility bills. She has paid so many electric bills I lost count.


She supplied hundreds of towels to the homeless shelter. She befriended a young man that moved from a drug rehab to a half-way house. He has custody of his thirteen year old niece whose mother was killed in a car accident. Pat found out he didn't have any Christmas gifts for her. She took care of that as well as bringing cookies and treats to all the men in the half way house. She has bought coats, hats, gloves, boots, shoes and toys for many needy children. She has played "Santa" for hundreds of families. My favorite and most amazing story about Pat is when she went to have her oil changed. She knew it wasn't quite time but she had a strong felling she should go that day. While she was there a young lady and her two children sat in the waiting area with Pat. The young lady had been waiting for hours to see if they could fix her car. Pat found out later she was from out of town and trying to get home. She didn't have much money and they were tired and hungry. The short version is the engine was blown and she needed a new one. She had no way of paying and no one to call. Needless to say Pat paid for the engine and fed the young family. The young lady cried and told Pat she would someday pay her back. Pat felt God wanted here to go that day so she could help this family. She wanted nothing in return.


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